My musical journey began when the time is still sitting in school, my first band was the alternati-v with a position as basist and my school because I moved out of the band, underrock is the second band, I am as a vocalist to replace the previous personnel carry the flow of pop rock, after that I was recruited by KRT d in the department of interest and talent as the lead guitarist from 2005 until 2008. after I entered college I was recruited by Killed YOUR Animation, which promote the flow of screamo bands, along with the band that I get an offer to the personnel in two different bands of music that is MARTABAKKEJU with the flow of melodic music, and Revenge The Fate with a hardcore screamo genre, and I finally decided to take the second offer, as the drummer in The Fate MARTABAK KEJU and REVENGE THE FATE. because there is an internal matter in KILLED YOUR ANIMATION I decided to quit the band, and more concentrated in two of my new band. Revenge The Fate get me out of the band because of my schedule and routine to exercise much so I just can not spare the time, I am now active in the community lovers in Bandung are nagging melodic KOMUNITAS PINGIR SUNGAI and become additional drummers in MARTABAK KEJU ......


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